Sunday, July 7, 2013

Round & Round Baby Boy Quilts

The large Round & Round Baby Boy Quilt is DONE!  I am so pleased with how it turned out!  The quilting went better and faster than I expected (having NO experience free-motion quilting).  I hope our friends like it and their soon-to-be-here baby boy will get lots of use out of it!

My original blog post about Round & Round Baby Quilts:

Fabrics: JoAnns

Pattern: Round and Round by Thimble Blossoms- Camille Roskelley
(link to pattern)
(link to blog post)

Free Motion Quilting Pattern: Baptist Fans Free Motion Quilting Tutorial by Don't Call Me Betsy
(link to Pinterest pin)
(link to webpage)

My goals this week are to:
1. Finish Up Small Blocks
2. See how much fabric I have left to either make the small block quilt bigger, or make a third quilt.
3. Work on scrapbooking!

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