Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Call...

Today is the last call for the beautiful May Stamp of the Month as well as the Dotty for You paper pack promotion.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Dotty for You Art Tips

We’re crazy about the fabulous artwork you can create with the Dotty for You paper packet during National Scrapbooking Month! Each promotional paper packet includes an insert with a picture of the artwork, a recipe, and a unique technique, to inspire your customers.
Check out these extra technique ideas, not included on paper packet insert but using the same artwork.
Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this article for two new projects and tips not included on the artwork insert.

Sisterly Love Page

Polaroid Snapshot Technique
Create a Polaroid snapshot look by first cutting out a rounded-corner rectangle the size of your focal point. Then, cut a larger rectangle around the negative space, creating the look of a Polaroid. For example, if your subject is 3" × 2", cut a rounded 3" rectangle using the Cricut® machine then discard the rectangle and keep the negative space, cutting that piece at 4" × 2½". Add journaling to the empty white space at the bottom and attach it to the layout at an angle using 3-D foam tape. You’ll now be able to create the Polaroid look for any kind of picture without needing a Polaroid camera!

Kiss Page

Pin Flags Technique
Make a darling accent from your paper scraps by trimming a complementary banner and wrapping it around a pin from the Bling assortment (Z1466) to form a small pin flag.

Surf Page

Stitch a Frame
Use dark thread and stitch around your layout’s focal elements to ground your page.

Sweet Life Page

Making Embellishments Stand Out
Add a bit of white, solid space behind decorative elements, such as this baker’s twine bow, to help them stand out on busy B&T Duos® papers, like this chevron pattern.

R Card

Helping Adjacent Patterns Pop
To help two adjacent patterns stand out individually, separate them with a solid color in between.

Simple Pleasures Card

Creating a Bohemian Look
Combine several paper patterns and colors to create a trendy bohemian chic look.

Jen Box

Creating Visual Transitions
Carry the neutral foundation color, in this case Grey Wool, onto the other elements of your art piece to help the eye easily transition between elements, like the colorful chevron box top and the sides of the box.


Good Luck Card

Neutral Inks for a Clean Look
To create a card with a clean, crisp look, use the dominant neutral color to stamp your sentiment.
Yo-yo Accent
Create a trendy yo-yo element by accordion-folding a long strip of cardstock every 1/4", adhering the two ends together to make a circle, stitching the center with thread all the way around, and pulling the ends of the thread taut to create a yo-yo. Secure the center with a button to keep your yo-yo flat.

Kylie Banner

Paper Ribbons
Create your own ribbon from your favorite B&T paper. Cut a strip of paper a little less than three times the length you want your ribbon to be. Mark or score your strip in segments as follows: 1/2", 1", 1/2", 1", 1/2", etc. Starting at a 1/2" scored end, make two folds going away from you, then two folds coming toward you, then repeat until your ribbon is complete.
Ribbon Accents
Thread a long ribbon through the banner holes and then add some flair by tying small bows or knots to the ribbon in between each pennant using baker’s twine or Waxy Flax.
With all of the techniques featured in these beautiful art pieces, and the extras you can try from the three Techniques Training Academy courses, we know you will enjoy participating in a Dotty for You crafting session in celebration of one of our favorite months of the year—National Scrapbooking Month in May!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


April showers bring May flowers! The Pemberley collection is filled with beautiful shades of yellow and blue that will complement your spring perfectly! The big flowers, honey-comb inspired patterns, and butterflies are unique and make up a beautiful collection that is sure to be a favorite in this Idea Book.
Check out your May newsletter for details about a crop and any workshops.

The Pemberley collection can be found on pages 20-25 of the Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Stamp of the Month

May Stamp of the Month: Friendship Bouquet
Available May 1-31, 2012
Retail Price $17.95
Spend $50+ and get the Stamp of the Month for $5.00