Sunday, June 30, 2013

Round & Round Baby Boy Quilts

The Round & Round Baby Boy Quilts are a little behind schedule, but coming along nicely.  Here is a little update on what I have accomplished in the last 2 weeks.

--I added borders to the large quilt.  A grey print, grey/white chevron print, and a smaller grey solid.  I think it looks alright, but wish I could make it longer instead of a square quilt. 

--The large quilt is now marked to quilt with a Baptist Fan pattern following a tutorial I found online.

--The large quilt is sandwiched and I have a very, very small bit quilted. 

--I now have 6 small blocks completed.  

Added borders to the large quilt.  After this photo, I added another smaller dark grey solid border to the outside.
Peggy wanted to stand on the quilt.  "Can it be mine please?" with sad puppy eyes.
Then Peggy wanted to wear the quilt.

Finishing up marking the quilt for the Baptist Fan pattern.

My original blog post about Round & Round Baby Quilts:

Fabrics: JoAnns

Pattern: Round and Round by Thimble Blossoms- Camille Roskelley
(link to pattern)
(link to blog post)

Free Motion Quilting Pattern: Baptist Fans Free Motion Quilting Tutorial by Don't Call Me Betsy
(link to Pinterest pin)
(link to webpage)

My goals this week are to:
1. Finish quilting large quilt
2. Add binding to large quilt
3. Finish up small blocks

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