Monday, September 17, 2012

Half-Wall Room

There is one space in my house that is a little different.  It is right off the front door and has half-walls.  It is very strange and we weren't really sure what to do with it.  We thought about knocking down the wall next to the door to make a little mud room.  The weekend that we moved in, we put a baby gate across the opening and put the dogs in the room while we painted.  They could still see us and we could see them from most areas of the house.  With this, we decided to leave the walls and maybe it would be a giant play-pen or dog room someday.  I went ahead and added a few things to make it seem more homey.  

(Please excuse the orange carpet. Yes, it is from the 70s or early 80s and came with the house.  We will be replacing it as soon as we can with hardwood floor.)

You have seen these pictures on a few of my posts or will see them during the correct holiday.

The vases, grass, and flower came from Crafts 2000.  I bought an assortment of flowers in different colors to last the entire year.  They also have lights in the vases that I can turn on in the evening.

The shelf we found hanging in a random spot in the basement.  I cleaned it up and brought it upstairs.  It is big and works for this space great.

The bench is my old toy box from when I was little.

The frame I found in a box in the house.  It was a really tacky gold so I spray painted it a metallic black hammered finish.  I hung it with ribbon wrapped around the frame and the vinyl is stuck on the wall.  The frame just hangs around it.  The black vinyl I cut on my Cricut using an assortment of cartridges.

The roman shade was on clearance at Lowes.  Luckily, it fit the window!  It is a brown striped satin like fabric.
I got the idea for the curtain rod on Pinterest

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