Saturday, January 29, 2011

Banner Ideas

Banners are hot right now. These trendy creations make sassy décor for any room. They are a cinch to freshen up by switching out a couple of pennants, making quick work of all your decorating needs.

Inspirations Brochure January 2011, p. 12

Learn how to create fabulous banners by purchasing the Wings Workshops on the Go™ kit (G1016) and our new My Creations® banner (Z1378) during January. Just in time for National Papercrafting Month and your workshops; the Wings Workshop kit includes a special insert of color instructions—for purchases made during January.

Want more? Here’s a smattering of clever ideas for satisfying your banner urge:

  • A “word” banner: Spell out a word putting each letter on a different pennant, e.g., BIRTHDAY, JESSICA, EASTER, FAMILY, PARTY, LOVE, etc.

    Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book, p. 82
  • A “wish” gift banner: Include a different wish you have for the person receiving the banner, e.g., good health, long life, happiness, your dream trip, good grades, caring friends, etc.
  • A “theme” banner: Focus on one person, pet, event, or theme and include pictures, quotes, and other memorabilia that represents the theme.

    Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book, p. 22
  • A “family” banner: Give each family member a pennant of their own to decorate in a way that represents them, and then hang them together.

    Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book, p. 112
  • A “timeline” banner: Depict an event or a person over time, starting with early photos at one end and later photos at the other. Ideas could be photos of building your new home, your child's first day of school, getting ready for prom, carving pumpkins, etc.

With the National Papercrafting Month banner project instructions only available through January 31, 2011, now is the time to learn how to make beautiful banners. For more information on the January 2011 Inspirations campaign, please contact me.

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