Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Close to My Heart Stamp Sale

Stamp Sale!

I am putting my Close to My Heart stamp inventory on sale!  Please find a list of Close to My Heart stamp sets that are deeply discounted.  I am selling these for my cost- rounded up to help cover shipping and sales tax.  The retail value breaks down as follows:

A- $6.95
B- $9.95
C- $13.95
D- $17.95
S- $17.95



A1133- Festival of Lights- You can HAVE this stamp set if you will be able to use it!


New Stamp Sets- $2

D1351- You’ve Got Flair

D1442- Thriller

B1340- This Way

A1117- A Typeface

D1548- Whooo’s Your Valentine

D1453- Friendship


New Stamp Sets-$5

S1111- Cherish the Day

B1414- Bonjour

S1305- Pinwheel

D1454- Sensational Season

S1308- A Chocolate Affair

S1311- Illuminate

S1312- Special Care

S1108- Wicked

S1401- Cross Stitch Wishes

S1201- Little Reminder

S1306- A Flowering Bunch

S1302- Home Sweet Home

S1307- Sweet Life

S1301- Happy Valentine’s

S1211- Capture the Date

S1204- You Are…

S1203- Potential

S1207- Live Out Loud

W329- Dream Big

D1457- Jubilation


New Stamp Sets- $8.50

C1509- Magic Potions

CC1014- Pair a Phrase (Double D-size stamp set)


New Stamp Sets- $10

D1535- Bugs & Hugs


Used Stamp Sets- $2

B1341- Just Be You

C1480- Roxy

B1376- Wings

D1409- Flower Pot

B1339- Love Is In the Air

B1308- Remember This

D1595- Cloud 9

D1424- Something Splendid

B1378- Miracle

B1358- Heart to Heart

D1438- Circle of Love

D1453- Friendship

B1355- Timeless

C1385- Charmed

B1335- Beautiful Flourish

B1349- Summer Wishes

D1455- Blessed

B1334- Enjoy the Journey

C1340- Aspiration

C1521- Approved

D1436- The Present

D1445- Amore

D1322- Adorning Corners

S1112- Mad About You

C1342- Damask Tiles

C1529- Scroll Workshop

S1208- Baroque Borders

B1337- Hello There

C1493- I ‘Chair’ish You

D1528- Jardin (missing bow stamp)

CC1020- It’s Your Day (Double D-size stamp set)

D1330- Connections

D1444- A Little Thanks

B1421- Scrapbook Statements- Women

C1353- Gear Up

C1536- Happy Thoughts

D1443- Share the Magic

C1428- Ice Crystals

B1348- Bowl of Cherries

B1380- Mayberry

B1379- Sophia

C1478- Essentials

D1567- Huntington

B1366- Lucky

D1376- Holiday Warmth

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