Sunday, February 24, 2013

Orange/Teal Quilt

I have been working on cleaning up and organizing my craft room.  It has just been a total disaster zone since Christmas.  I also haven't touched my sewing machine in about a month and felt the need to work on some quilting.

I usually always lay out my quilts to make sure of the pattern.  Especially with "scrappy" quilts.  Although they are meant to be just put together, I like to lay it all out and make sure it looks balanced.  I laid out the entire Orange/Teal quilt, finished cutting out a few blocks, and then finished piecing all the blocks together!


While I had all the blocks laid out on the floor, Peggy kept coming in to say hi.  Of course, she had to walk right across all the blocks, then sit down, then lay down right on them.  It's like she's saying, "Maybe if I sit here and look cute long enough, the quilt can be mine."


All the blocks DONE!  It feels accomplishing!  (The stack looks so small here- there really are 25 blocks.)  Now onto joining them all into rows...

This quilt pattern can be found in and on the cover of the Simple Quilts & Sewing Magazine- fall 2012 edition.

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